Experienced artist’s model

January 4, 2009

Versatility is the spice of work

Tom is an experienced model and performer who is interested in collaborating with individual artists and professionals working in all media – from traditional to new – and also teachers, students and enthusiasts of drawing, painting, sculpture, fashion, costume, photography and video  in colleges of art, adult education classes and art groups.

Tomlifemodel painted by a student at the Art Academy, London

Tomlifemodel in Altair (The Flying Eagle) by Stuart Weston

Tom is also interested in working with performance artists and those working in modern idioms. Tom recently featured as one of Ten Embarrassed Men, the well received Project Installation by Annika Strom at the Frieze Art Fair in London. The work was reviewed in The New York Times and The Guardian among others:


http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/video/2010/oct/14/friezeartfair-david-shrigley (2min 30 sec into the video)

Frieze Art Fair – Tom in Ten Embarrassed Men, Project by Annika Strom

Tom in a sculpture class at the London Atelier of Representational Art

Tom has worked with students in:

London at The London College of Fashion, Central St Martin’s, University of the Arts, the Prince’s Drawing School, Morley College, the Heatherley School of Fine Art, Putney School of Art, Wimbledon School of Art, the London Atelier of Representational Art, the London Art Academy, City Lit, London Life Drawing Society, the Working Men’s College and architectural practices, among others.

Brighton at Brighton University Art College, the Sussex County Arts Club and Brighton City College.

Leeds at Swarthmore College.

Liverpool at the Liverpool Life Drawing Society.

Contact Tom:

Tel: 07763 223041



Portrait model

Andrew Hitchcock’s pencil drawing of me, which he drew at The London Atelier of Representational Art, was chosen for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters’ annual show at the Mall Galleries.

Tom by Andrew Hitchcock, hanging at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters’ annual exhibition in the Mall Galleries, London

Tom is currently working with students and tutor Anastasia Pollard at the Art Academy in London posing for a life painting class. Here’s a few images recording one student’s progress.

The portrait below was painted over a number of weeks at a Saturday painting class at Morley College, near Waterloo, south London, which attracts students of art of all abilities.I have also sat for students of portraiture at the Heatherley College of Fine Art, the London Art Academy, the Prince’s Drawing School, City Lit and the Putney College of Art, among others.These fixed poses are among the most difficult for a model, lasting for anything from a few hours to my longest, 54 hours (obviously, with breaks). And difficult for artists, too, of course; the chief challenge seems to be deciding when their work is finished.

Tom by Matthew Ray at Morley College, south London

Costume model

While I was working as a model for fashion illustration students at the London College Of Fashion, Charlotte Brazier asked me to model for her as she made a costume for the character of Mr Hardcastle from Oliver Goldsmith’s classic play, She Stoops to Conquer. I worked with Charlotte for a couple of months while she took initial measurements, on fittings while she made her costume with the advice of her tutor and finally modelling the costume for her assessment and a photo session. I am happy to work with students looking for a mature model at special student rates.

Tom as Mr Hardcastle from 'She Stoops to Conquer' in costume designed by London College of Fashion student Charlotte Brazier

Below are other photos of Tom, Charlotte and her tutor at the London College of Fashion fitting sessions.


Tom is also happy to come up with costume ideas for students and tutors. Below is a recent outfit he wore for a month-long, weekly painting class taught by Nick Ashton at Putney College of Art.


Life, nude, figure model

Tom has worked as a life model for many colleges, art groups and individual artists. Tom will accommodate the poses, long or short, required by tutors to suit students of all abilities.  For untutored groups, Tom is also happy to produce a varied series of poses himself.

Tom at a life class at the Prince's Drawing School, London

Tom at a life class at the Prince’s Drawing School, London

Tomlifemodel by Anastasia Pollard at the Art Academy, London

Artist James Napier with a clay sculpture of Tom at the London Atelier of Representational Art (Lara). Tom recently modelled for students in one standing pose on a two-week intensive summer course. For details of Lara courses, see www.drawpaintsculpt.com

Artist James Napier with a clay sculpture of Tom at the London Atelier of Representational Art (Lara). Tom recently modelled for students in one standing pose on a two-week intensive summer course. For details of Lara courses, see http://www.drawpaintsculpt.com

Tom by Janine Hall

Tom by Braccio at Kennington Life Drawing Group – 20min pose

Tom at a drawing summer school taught by Chris Koning at Central St Martins in London

Photographic model

Tom has worked with many photographers interested in character, life and portrait work – a few examples below.

Tomlifemodel black and white nude

Tomlifemodel black and white nude

Tom by Tim Large

Folds by Tim Large

Folds by Tim Large

Tom by Michael James

Tom by Michael James

The Mechanic by Vish Vishvanath

The Mechanic by Vish Vishvanath

Tom by Marie Galanti

Tom by Paula Salischiker

Tom by Stuart Weston

Tom in blue mixed media by Rade

Tom by Ben

Crying by Paula Salischiker

Tom by Pablo Conejo

Working with other models

Tom has often worked with other models, of either gender, clothed or nude,  and is happy for humour and satire to be in the mix.

The Art Class, by Peter Muller

The Art Class, by Peter Muller

Shopping, by Mark Maitland

Suffocation by Shopping, series by Mark Maitland

Performance art

Tom is an experienced performer who has appeared on many stages, in art installations and videos working with artists who like to stretch and break creative boundaries.

Tom in art performance M00-0364 created with Filipe Canha and others at Marlborough Theatre, Brighton

Tom in 'Yearning in Fear' art performance at the Shunt Vaults, London Bridge

Tom in Yearning in Fear art performance created with Malte Schloesser at the Shunt Vaults, London Bridge


Television, video, internet, viral advertising

Tom has worked with award-winning artists such as Jennifer Allen and Malte Schloesser on video productions and appeared in TV programmes for the BBC, Channel 5, ITV, Sky and Virgin, and in corporate videos and internet virals for many charities, commercial companies and interest groups http://www.dothegreenthing.com/content/penguins_video.

Contact Tom at:


Tel: 07763 223041


Tomlifemodel in Got Milk art performance with Amanda Jiang

August 4, 2019



Cow show Peckham 1.jpg

Cow show Peckham 3

Cow show 4.jpg

Cow spot the difference.jpg

Tomlifemodel in Penis Parade exhibition life drawing by Figuration at Fitzrovia Gallery

August 4, 2019

Tomlifemodel models nude at Fitzrovia Gallery with a focus on the penis at the Penis Parade exhibition organised by Now Curation and Figuration.

Some of the drawings at Penis Parade at the Fitzrovia Gallery

Tomlifemodel poses at Penis Parade life drawing for Figuraton at the Fitzrovia Gallery

Tomlifemodel shot by Graham Martin

April 23, 2019

Some interesting shots from  my session with East london photographer Graham Martin who specialises in male nudes and erotica.

Tom Life Model-7484.jpg


Tom Life Model-7569.jpg

Tom Life Model-7592.jpg

Tom Life Model-7680.jpg

Tom Life Model-7746

Tom Life Model-7786.jpg

Tom Life Model-7811.jpg


Nude shoot in black and white

October 3, 2018

A nude shoot with a photographer who wanted moody, erotic b&w images

brixton 1

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Tomlifemodel naked shoot with JC Candanedo

May 13, 2016

Photographer Jean-Claude wanted to focus on body parts, especially my piercings.


Here are some stills from the shoot:

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Tomlifemodel shibari bondage shoot with James Claugher

March 7, 2015

Tomlifemodel chained and ready crop

Some images from a shoot, featuring mainly shibari bondage work, with James Claugher, an artist studying photography at Roehampton University. In his current project, entitled Nymphoria, he is producing a magazine focused on “alternative Britain” with a nod to the late Bizarre magazine. You can see more work by James at:



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Tomlifemdel rope 1 Tomlifemodel chain 2 Tomlifemodel chain 3 crop Tomlifemodel chained and ready crop Tomlifemodel chained and ready Tomlifemodel chains  and boots Tomlifemodel chains 4 Tomlifemodel chains 5 Tomlifemodel chains 6 crop Tomlifemodel chains 7 Tomlifemodel petals hr 2 Tomlifemodel petals hr crop and rotate Tomlifemodel rope 2 Tomlifemodel rope 3 Tomlifemodel rope prayer crop

Tomlifemodel studio nudes with Manel Ortega

December 8, 2014

Here’s a few low res successive images from a shoot at the studio of Manel Ortega in Brighton.

Tomlifemodel by Manel Ortega 3

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Matthew Granger’s Nudes in Public with Tomlifemodel

November 1, 2014

I did a photoshoot recently with talented Australian photographer Matthew Granger, who travels the world for locations and models in his search for wonderful art nude imagery. Here’s a sneak-peak of one of the images of me and four women – we are all different but all share a committment to Matt’s campaign to make photographic art nudity as acceptable as the “traditional” art nudes of drawing, painting and sculpture.

Matt is currently raising funds to publish his new book Public Bodies (featuring public nude photography from all over the world), on kickstarter. He is close to his target but needs a bit more to succeed. See his explanatory video at:


Matt Granger shoot Dover

Tomlifemodel as The Naked Builder by Homosapiens

October 14, 2014

A builder stripped for action with the help of Homosapiens. See more of his work at:


Tomlifemodel naked builder by Homosapiens high res

Tomlifemodel as The Naked Builder by Homosapiens


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Tomlifemodel builder and cowboy nude shoot by D W Images Photography

September 28, 2014

A few images from D W Images Photography in which we went, apparently seamlessly, from naked cowboy to naked builder – amazing what a change of hats can do…

Builder Tomlifemodel 1 (2)

Tomlifemodel as naked builder by D W Images Photography


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